Bill Killem – Endless Retro Platforming Action

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Platformer set-up | Tons of action | Relatively fresh for the endless genre

Inherent repetitiveness | Little variation after a few runs


Endless runners have seemingly run their course, but we’re always open to new additions if they warrant it. Bill Killem combines a retro style action platformer with the endless runner style for a relatively unique set-up. Rather than your character running automatically, you get to directly control movement, jumping, and shooting to give you that platformer style, just with an infinite run, instead of levels. The result is some fast paced, over the top arcade action with a greater deal of control than usual. You can actually move backwards, and have a far greater control of how, and when you face enemies.
One of the most notable aspects is that Bill Killem throws you into the thick of things from the get go, so the game doesn’t suffer from the usual slow simple beginnings each time you restart. There’s tons of enemies on screen with ones that shoot you, fly towards you, or have chainsaws, and each one requires a different strategy that you have to change at high speeds. Everything moves quickly, and soon you will come across missiles, lasers, and buzz saws to deal with in addition to the enemies. To add to the challenge, there’s also a space ship following behind, and you need to collect clocks to keep it in your rear view.

There’s the usual endless runner features including missions, unlockable power-ups, and the ability to continue. One of the best parts is the weapons you can collect along the way for a short blast of rocket launchers, laser guns, dual pistols, and many more. There’s just non-stop action, and the game does a good job of keeping you coming back to just try one more time. What really makes it engaging is the ability to directly control, and interact with the overload of action, as it’s a lot less passive than the usual endless runner. There’s still the inherent repetitive nature of the endless genre, and the simple detriment of so many other endless runners that have come before. That doesn’t prevent Bill Killem from standing out on its own merits though.

Bill Killem (Free, Universal) offers a platforming twist on the endless runner to make it worth picking up for plenty of entertaining action.


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