Blast-A-Way – It Will Blow You Away In Every Way

5.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 5/5
Design: 5/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Brand new gameplay that is so enjoyable& engaging | Brilliant 3D design | Nails everything

Movement controls are a bit tedious | Levels become quite complex, and could use checkpoints

When you think of a physics puzzle game, a particular type comes to mind. Then when you think of Illusion Labs, you think of brand new game experiences, and that’s exactly what Blast-A-Way is. With so many familiar games in the App Store, Illusion Labs is a definite bright spot, and you always take notice of their releases whether it’s Touchgrind BMX, Labyrinth 2, Touchgrind, Foosball, or Sway. Blast-A-Way is a 3D physics puzzle game where you toss bombs to collect the three little boxies, and get your character from point a to b.

Blast-A-Way is unlike anything else in the App Store with the 3D design which sets the stage for such intricate levels. You begin with a wood layout, and there are various colored sections standing in your way. There are colored bombs to go with the sections, and you toss the bombs to blast away the obstacles. As you advance, you come across transporters, moving sections, multiple characters at your disposal, color changing gates, and various level materials. It seems that each of the 80 levels across five environments introduces at least one new element to keep the game fresh, and maintain new challenges.

The puzzle levels become more and more intricate as you need to blast sections, transport to shift the angle of your bomb, and move between separated section to reach the goal. The puzzle aspect is high so that each level makes you think, and the game has a brilliant difficulty curve so that it’s always thought provoking, but never overwhelming or frustrating. The three boxies you need to collect are also trapped in the various colors, and you need to blast them free, and then find a way to reach them which is such a great aspect of the game.

The gameplay is top notch, and it’s amazing to see the fluid action in motion. The 3D environments are so clean and highly polished, and they make the retina display shine whether on iPhone or iPad. The best part may be seeing the bomb detonations and resulting destruction as the environment explodes outward 360 degrees, with brilliant wave effects across every element on screen. There’s simply so much to like about the game that you will instantly be hooked, and want to make it through each and every level with three boxies.

Blast-A-Way ($4.99, Universal) explodes on to the App Store, and instantly launches to top tier status. Blast-A-Way is an absolute must buy that is one of the best games in the genre that nails every single aspect to make for an amazing iOS experience that is unlike anything else in the App Store. The game will blow you away, and you will love every minute of it.


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