Blip Blup – Colors Radiating Through Your Mind

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

A new puzzle idea | Intriguing to wrap your mind around | High quality design

A bit overwhelming | Some levels are trial & error | Level packs blend a bit


Puzzle games are always intriguing, and there has been a run on them in the App Store recently with Go Round, Mosaique, and Quell Memento. Now, there’s Blip Blup which again provides a thought provoking game mechanic, but in a whole new way. The game comes from the makers of Whale Trail, and revolves around colors radiating from the point you tap. Your goal is to color every square on the game board, and you do so by simply tapping in the best spots with usually fewer than five moves at your disposal. The color extends in every direction from where you tap so it expands outwards in eight directions, including diagonals.
The set-up of the game allows for some nice brain teasing action as you try to wrap your head around the idea at work. There are over 140 levels included across ten different level packs, and the first set couldn’t be easier to give you a false sense of security. Soon you’re tossed into levels with multiple obstacles that require you to be completely comfortable with how the color expands. It’s extraordinary how challenging the game becomes as just a couple specific squares are required for the solution, out of an expansive grid. The highlight of the game is just how complex it becomes as a new obstacle is introduced in each of the ten level packs. The obstacles include specifically placed walls, directional arrows, locking gate squares, instant death squares, and more.

In the first couple of level packs you try to go for a perfect score nailing the level with fewer than the given number of moves. Once you get into packs four and five, a perfect is quite an achievement, and you will be satisfied with just a passing score on some levels. It only gets harder from there, and it’s all contingent upon seeing the board colorize in your mind a couple of moves ahead. There’s a great art design as well to accentuate the colorizing of the board, featuring that high definition clean minimalism. The only real problem with the game is that it can be too frustrating for some, as the color radiation may never become intuitive. The game set-up can lead to some levels feeling like just trial and error, rather than logic based.

Blip Blup ($1.99, Universal) is one mind bending puzzle game that is a completely unique experience which will provide plenty of challenge for a worthwhile addition to your app collection.


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