Blitz Breaker – Dashing Into The Classic Arcade

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Fast paced arcade action | Challenging level design with simple control scheme | Great flow

Have to occasionally be deliberate with swipes | Some level mechanics can be a bit tedious

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Blitz the robot dreams of leaving the factory it was built in, and it’s up to you to help Blitz in the new iOS game Blitz Breaker. It’s an action packed arcade challenge that comes down to taps and swipes to direct Blitz through 101 levels. You can tap for Blitz to jump, and then swipe in any of the four directions to dash in that direction. There’s a retro pixel art style to fit the arcade theme as the game definitely takes cues from the arcade past.
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Blitz Breaker includes challenging level design, yet with an accessible nature thanks to the control scheme. It’s easy to get into the flow of the game, dashing in each direction to weave through the ever more complex level layouts. You will need to contend with spikes, buzz saws, cannons, mines, lasers, big mechanical bosses, and more. Each level has a set time to complete it in to get a star to add extra incentive to be quick. The game is all about speed, as even if you’re not trying for the time limit, you need to react rapidly to deal with the various obstacles. As you dash ahead, you need to be quick to dash again at the right time to make it through tight corridors.

The best part of Blitz Breaker is that there are levels, as this game could have easily been an endless challenge with randomly generated sequences. It’s nice to strive for that end point with the time constraint. 101 levels will also give you a lot to play through as you will need to replay multiple times, especially once you reach double digit levels. It’s great to have the old school arcade challenge repurposed into a new touch based style. Even though you move at high speeds, you also need to think a little in how Blitz will move, and react after a dash ends. There are times you have to be a bit deliberate with your swipes, but that’s the exception, not the rule.

Blitz Breaker ($2.99, Universal) is a well designed arcade challenge that is well worth picking up.

$2.99, Universal


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