Block Block Block – Puzzling A Mental Block

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Deceptively challenging | Smooth interface | High quality design

Could use more variety within level packs | Feels like you're never getting anywhere


Puzzle games trend towards simplicity on iOS, but there are some nice brain teasers out there. Block Block Block is a new one that comes from Wegrass Interactive and published by Super Stickman Golf creator Noodlecake Studios. Your goal is simple, as you need to slide blocks to get 3 together in a row or column. The game begins deceptively simple where you need to just slide two blocks into obvious position. That simplicity fades at the end of the first level pack, and then it only briefly returns in the first couple of stages in later level packs that introduced the new challenges. Block Block Block lives up to the “brain teaser” monicker as you can be absolutely stumped on some levels.
The main challenge revolves around the fact that you only get a limited number of moves per level, and it’s usually 3 or less. That doesn’t give you much room to manuver, despite the ever increasing complexities. There are six level packs of 40 levels each, providing you with 200 levels to be tested by. Each level pack introduces a new element, including multiple colors, fixed blocks, 5 x 5 grids, automatic sliding blocks, and more. It becomes quite extraordinary as you would think a 2D block sliding game wouldn’t require such thought of trying to wrap your mind around the potential moves available.

There’s also a great flow to the entire game thanks to the great interface that has the player in mind. The main benefit is the silky smooth touch controls as you swipe and swap blocks into place. As soon as you complete a level, it’s one tap to the next one, and if you get stumped or fail a level, it’s one tap to restart. There are also arrows in the bottom right allowing you to skip through levels at will, and everything is accessible without going into menus. All 200 levels are available, so you don’t have to be stumped with the rest of the levels locked. To round out the beneficial package, there’s also a quality hint system, and the free to play nature is just about buying additional hints, or removing ads. Finally, the design is worth noting just for the minimalistic nature that is highly polished.

Block Block Block (Free, Universal) is a quality addition to your puzzle collection for easy to pick up, hard to master gameplay.


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