Block Fortress – Defending A Minecraft World

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 4/5

A brand new experience | Smoothly combines genres | Balances creation & action

Can be overwhelming | Rudimentary menu & controls | Some built-in restrictions

Ingenuity is always great to see, and Foursaken Media has continuously delivered ingenuity in the App Store. Whether it’s Heroes and Castle, Sky Gnomes, or Bug Heroes, they all deliver new takes on existing norms. Block Fortress is their latest, and it might be their freshest take yet as it combines elements of Minecraft, tower defense, and first person shooter for a truly unique game. It’s another genre mash-up, which they did so well in Heroes and Castles, and Block Fortress takes it to all new levels.

You’re greeted with the familiar Minecraft style 3D block filled environment, and then you can pick a place for your barricade. The next step is so fortify your barricade with 30 different blocks, and equip it with 15 turret types. There are support blocks as well, and you need to balance each one you add depending on the resources you have. Once you’re ready for the enemy to attack, your avatar leaps on to the battlefield, and you get to be in the trenches in the tower defense warfare with a first person perspective of all the action. The base gameplay lends itself to a survival mode with limited resources, free range sandbox mode, and quick start mode with a lot of resources to start off with.

The best part of the game is the customization that Minecraft is known for allowing you to build you defense however you want whether it’s a tall tower, sprawling castle, or any shapes you can think of. The game does a great job of combining creative elements with deluxe battle action for a truly unique experience that provides hours of strategy and challenge. There’s so much to dive into, and explore, making the guides paramount to read through. The game can be overwhelming at first without the guides, so keep that in mind.

Overall, the game is a bit rough around the edges, and it would be nice to see a general tutorial for more casual players. Also, the game sadly uses the Minecraft menu system, which is rudimentary at best, and it would be nice to see it much more fleshed out, and current. The gameplay seems to be missing a few features like health meters on the enemy, more precise movement controls, and clearer indicators for the costs of building up your base. The game borrows more barebones interface elements, and controls from Minecraft than it should, and it would really help to have those elements borrow more from Foursaken’s other game. The survival mode is also restrictive in terms of resources, and the ability to craft is locked down considerably. There’s a lot to like in the genre mash-up, but there are some frustrating elements that can turn off some players.

Block Fortress ($1.99, Universal) crafts a whole new experience with a lot to dive into, and simply experiment with. It’s a brilliant idea of combining genres you wouldn’t think go to together, but the execution isn’t as good as it could be to the detriment of the whole game. Still though, Block Fortress is worth picking up for complete customization, and intense action like nothing else in the App Store. Remember, the guides are essential.


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