Blowup!! – Transforming The Matching Puzzle Game

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 3.5/5
Length: 3.5/5

Action packed matching | Gameplay tied to the music and visuals | Complete experience

A bit repetitive | Can become very difficult in the later stages | Only one game mode

Game Info

APP NAME: Blowup!!

DEVELOPER(S): CraveMob Inc.

GENRE(S): Matching, Puzzle

RELEASE DATE(S): November 1st, 2011

You probably think you’ve seen it all when it comes to matching games, but we can gladly say it’s time to think again. Blowup is a new matching game that mixes robots, electronica, and action for a great matching experience. Your goal is to make matches of at least eight blocks, and once you get to eight blocks, they combine to form robots. The larger groups of same colored blocks you can make, the more advanced the robot blocks become. The bigger groups of robots also blow up the ones around it for an even greater score as you try to clear the entire board at once.

While you’re matching away, you can clear groups of less than seven, but they don’t offer many points so you need to limit those matches. There’s a consistent time bar at the top of the screen with only eight or more matches replenishing your time, and if you run out of time, it’s game over. Every one of your matches enhances the music, so you add beats as you go, and each time you level up you unlock more of the song. There are three different songs for three different versions, and you try to completely level up each song to complete the entire track.

Blowup ($0.99, iPhone) is packed with action as you’re constantly clearing out smaller matches to create huge groups of transformed ultimate robots. There are always time challenges to keep the pace up, and it’s so great building the groups block by block. The game provides an audio and visual experience with the transforming blocks, and the continuously enhancing soundtrack based upon your performance. The game also includes retro techno graphics for each block and robot, and there’s a minimalistic design to focus on the matching.

Blowup is a whole new matching game that provides the total experience that is worth picking up for the minimal price. You’ll love creating the matches, unlocking the songs, and transforming the robots with every move you make.


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