Bombcats – Igniting A New Cat Explosion

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Made for a younger audience | Charmingly cute | Nice variety | Surprisingly engaging

Not the deepest game | May be too simplistic | A bit bland at times


For some unknown reason, cats are one of the key defining aspects of the internet, and thus they have become the theme for a lot of digital content. Bombcats is a new cat themed game that comes from Radiangames, the makers of Inferno+Ballistic SE, Slydris, and Fireball SE. Right off the bat, you can tell this game was made for a children’s audience with such cute and friendly characters, and simplistic gameplay. We have to judge the game based on its overall merits, and not based on what niches it could fit. With that in mind, you’re given a physics puzzler where you launch cats to try to reach stranded kittens, and blast them out of their cages. The cats are super powered so that their tails are fuses, and a blast transports them to safety.
There are over 190 levels or cat bombing action, and you get to unlock seven new cats as you go. There’s Clawdia that can stick to walls, a bouncy snow leopard, Bolt who provides cheetah like launches, and Tiger that can explode each time it lands. Most cats offer two launches before detonating, and you need to get them into position to blast free the kittens. There are multiple environments that introduce new, and expected obstacles, as well as special levels with time and distance challenges. The physics puzzle style is a bit reminiscent of iBlast Moki, but on a simpler scale with a lot less thought required. In fact, each level plays out exactly as it looks as you need to collect three suns before blasting the kittens free.

You do end up going through the motions on the early levels, but with that said it’s still surprisingly endearing. It’s just a simple little pick up and play title that you can just keep blasting through. It would be nice to see more action and flow to the levels, and none of the 190 levels count as puzzles. Still though, it’s enjoyable with all the little elements fitting together for such a finely polished game that keeps connecting to the next level. Bombcats is free to play, and all of the in-app purchases are tied to optional extras that don’t get in the way of playing all 190 levels for free. The continuous supply of new cat types, time & distance challenges, and introduction of more expansive levels with multiple cats maintains enough intrigue for continued enjoyment.

Bombcats (Free, Universal) isn’t the most deluxe game in the App Store, but it’s straightforward cute fun that is worth picking up.


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