Boom Brigade 2 – A Strategic Blasting Of Alien Hordes

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Nice combination of genres | Engaging experience with action & strategy

Could use some more levels | Definitely on the challenging side

There are some games that are high quality, and just calling for more. Boom Brigade is one such game, and now there’s a brand new sequel to the 2009 unique genre mash-up, from 10tons. The game provides path drawing control with elements of real time strategy and tower defense as you guide your few units to defend your base against waves of alien hordes. The aliens come hot and heavy, and you usually have less than five units to defend against all of them. The waves also come at you from all directions with a top down perspective, and your base is typically out in the open.

The game is packed with action, and requires good strategy to balance your few units in a relatively open landscape. You constantly need to adjust positioning, and the game is packed with challenge so that each level is a definite struggle. There are 30 different missions across three worlds in the campaign mode, and there are different endless modes as well. Every level offers a unique challenge because of the different layout, unique alien enemies, and specific units at your disposal.

There is definitely a lot to enjoy, and there are five unlockable character upgrades that you can choose between before starting each level as they each have pros and cons depending upon enemy types. You can choose to play fast paced, or think more with the tactical button that lets you pause the action to direct your units. There are high quality graphics as well with the level design, killed alien remnants, and plenty of explosions. It’s a high quality sequel that updates the game for changed iOS devices since 2009, and provides brand new content to enjoy with the same unique game style.

Boom Brigade 2 ($2.99, Universal) offers a great balance between action and strategy to make for a thoroughly engaging experience that is a should buy.


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