Bounty Racer – Trying To Steer Straight To The Finish

2.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2/5
Design: 2/5
Duration: 2.5/5

Tons of content | Neat online component & bounty system | Courses with multiple paths

Has an archaic feel | Very rigid kart movement | Not much action | Basic design | Poor controls

There are plenty of racing games in the App Store, and the genre seems to gravitate towards the casual kart racer. Bounty Racer is the newest kart racer that provides a generous single player, but has a focus on multiplayer. The Bounty aspect lets you race against friends and the world to beat the best times and win bounties to help you upgrade your cars. There’s also online multiplayer races, although the bounties let you play at your own pace.

The single player campaign features four different leagues, and 72 unique events to deliver plenty of races to run. Despite all of the content though, it all comes down to the kart racing experience, which is definitely lacking. The main drawback is that this game comes from the makers of FMX Riders which features an outstanding racing engine. Bounty Racer seems like a real regression as it is inferior in every way, despite FMX Riders coming out back in November of 2010. I don’t know what The Quadsphere did to come out with Bounty Racer, but they definitely left out what made FMX Riders so good.

In Bounty Racer the karts movement is very rigid without any smooth curves in movement. The game is reminiscent of the very basic Cro-Mag Rally where you fling from side to side in straight lines. The tilt controls are ragged, and the touch controls aren’t very responsive. The races themselves lost the action that kart racers are known for, and it feels like a game made in 2008 rather than 2012. The online component and all of the content are great, but the game just offers no engagement to want to play all of that content. The courses do have multiple path ways, but the graphics are quite boxy and mundane, which lends to regions you can get stuck in.

Bounty Racer ($1.99, Universal) is one you can steer clear of, and if you’re looking for this style then check out Sonic & Sega All stars Racing, and FMX Riders.


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