Breach & Clear – A Deluxe Strategy Game Coming Soon

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 2.5/5

Detailed strategy experience | High quality visuals | Smooth touch interface

Too much listed as


Can you imagine directing Seal Team 6 in their takedown of Osama Bin Laden? Well, now you can perform similar types of missions on a much smaller scale with a lot less meaning. All you need is the new iOS game Breach & Clear, which is a tactical strategy game along the lines of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, but with a focus on realism. You take command of US Navy Seals, US Army Rangers, Canada’s JFT2, and other highly trained military squads in global missions. The game begins in Afghanistan, and extends to Turkey and China with 15 missions to battle in.
The game’s name is taken to heart as you breach doors, and clear out every enemy hostile you come across. It’s easier said than done, as you need to position your soldiers just right to gain the tactical advantage. Luckily, there’s an outstanding interface with each level overlaid with circles indicating positions you can move your soldiers to. You simply tap on any circle, and your goal is to move your solider into cover while maintaining sight on any potential enemies. You can do this by setting waypoints along your soldiers path, and then dragging your finger to change your soldiers point of view to keep sight on various positions while in motion. The game has a turn based set-up where you set-up the move, and then watch them play out, although the enemy doesn’t have a counter move. Instead, the enemies simply appear once you breach a door, just as they would in a real mission.

The realism is the highlight of the game with detailed level set-ups, and ornate environmental designs. The 3D game design is enjoyable to see in motion, and it definitely is great to see a plan come together. Another major portion of the game is the inclusion of over 30 unlockable weapons, but they seem to do more harm than good. The interface is cluttered, the usefulness isn’t clear, and the level of in-app purchases for weapons in addition to the purchase price are bothersome. Your best bet is to ignore the weaponry for as long as possible, and just battle through the missions. Another disappointing aspect of the game is that a lot of it has “coming soon” signs plastered over it. The 15 missions aren’t the most involved, and you can get through them relatively quickly.

Breach & Clear ($1.99, Universal) isn’t the perfect game, but it packs quite a strategic punch for such a low price making it worth the price of admission.


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