Brick Roll – Flipping A Platformer Outside The Box

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Intense flipping through compact sequences | Charming design | Nice replay factor

Levels lack flow | A disconnect between the controls and on-screen actions


Gavina Games is a small time iOS game development studio, but they have been putting out some great games with Qvoid, MiniPics, and now Brick Roll. Their latest is a fast paced platformer that offers intense action, and simple controls. Each level is set-up with an assortment of floating blocks, and you play as a cute little brick, that rolls around the outside of these blocks. Your goal is to pick up all of the collectibles in a given level, and there are enemies to contend with as well as time constraints. You simply tap the left side of the screen to change the direction of your roll, and tap the right side of the screen to jump between the floating blocks.
The level design allows for an intimate setting with blocks set very close together, and multiple enemies and obstacles patrolling that close knit group. The set-up allows for rapid movements with intense sequences of flipping directions and jumping. There are 24 levels split across four worlds as well as four boss battles, and some secret bonus stages. The best part is that each level isn’t simply about completion, but also offers four distinct challenges with time constraints, destroy all enemies, don’t get hurt, and find the secret area. It will take a few replays to get all four, and each one will require some nimble fingers to pull off the action packed maneuvers. The enemy set-up is also interesting as you can choose to avoid at all costs, but there’s also the option to destroy them with a Pac-Man style power pellet as well as the ability to jump right on top of them. There are also spinning blades and spikes to contend with as you try to capture every coin in a given level.

The game isn’t the most complex in the App Store, but it has a laser sharp focus to excel at providing a fast paced platformer with a new set-up relying on revolving around blocks. The value provided for $2 is easily clear, and you better be ready for some challenge. The game balance is off at times as the levels have one best path, and it’s not always clear with nothing lending itself to a smooth flow. Instead there are some ragged stretches of jagged movements of switching directions and simply leaping off into oblivion. The levels could be set-up for a smooth flow like Mikey Hooks, but what is there offers tons of difficulty if you’re looking for that. There’s also charming graphics, and such an outstanding retro inspired soundtrack.

Brick Roll ($1.99, Universal) offers an intimate speedy platformer that provides intense challenge that is worth rolling into.


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