Burn The Rope 3D – Catching Fire, Now In 3D

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

All new 3D perspective to change the gameplay | Smooth touch controls | Quality design

Levels burn together a bit | Going through the motions at times


Rope is a surprisingly popular piece on iOS with Zen Bound, Cut The Rope, and Burn The Rope. Speaking of Burn The Rope, it’s a unique physics puzzler where you control a flame, so that it burns upwards to torch ornate rope constructions. There have been two editions of Burn The Rope, and now there’s a brand new version with Burn The Rope 3D, which adds a new dimension to the game. The first two versions were 2D, while the third installment takes a cue from Zen Bound allowing you to use two fingers to spin the rope creation in 3D. It’s a whole new way to play Burn The Rope as now the flame can go in multiple directions, and you’re spinning the rope 360 degrees to keep multiple flames burning upwards.
There are over 70 levels to play through that adopts nuances from the first two games requiring you to deal with bugs, and colored rope. There are ants that can change the color of the flame, firebugs that can cause mini explosions, and beetles that can only be burned by a particular flame color. As you advance, you will come across a rope pyramid made of blue, green, red, and yellow rope strands requiring you to constantly burn the corresponding color and to change the flame colors. You also need to make sure the flame is always burning upwards because just a couple seconds upside down can cause the flame to go out. The game starts out easy enough, but comes nice and complex as you aim to burn 100% of the on screen rope. It’s also worth noting that there’s a high quality 3D visual design highlighted by the relatively authentic flame physics.

There’s an outstanding control scheme allowing you to swipe one finger horizontally to rotate the rope side to side, and another finger vertically to flip the rope contraption. It’s best to use two fingers, and it’s great to be able to manipulate a 3D object with just the 2D flat touch screen of your iOS device. The controls get out of the way to let you focus on burning every inch of rope, while constantly being introduced to new challenges. A lot of detail has gone into each level to the point that you need to plan out where to start the flame to truly reach every rope strand. The levels do blend together somewhat since there’s only so much that can be done with the rope layouts. There is some nice puzzle action to enjoy, though the main challenge comes from shooting for 100% clear, and not just passing a level.

Burn The Rope 3D ($2.99, Universal) is a worthwhile pick-up with the 3D addition to re-ignite your interest in physics puzzlers.


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