Burnout Crash – An Explosion Of Fun; Destroys Free Time

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Packed with action | Excellent destruction & explosion animations | Varied modes & intersections

Flicking can be a bit off at times | No ability to save crashbreak charges | A bit cramped on iPhone

Burnout Crash is all about destruction as you build up multi-car pile-ups to score the most points possible. It has been on other platforms, but EA’s twist on racing games comes to iOS. At the most basic level, it’s a mini-game spin-off of the Burnout series, and it’s like you get to play the Hot Wheels set Criss Cross Crash with even more interactive destruction. You send your car into the intersection to begin the first crash, and then you can flick your car a bit at a time to get in the way of more cars.

Once the intersection starts to fill up, the new cars run right into the crash, and you have a crashbreak charge to make a mini explosion for more destruction. Every single tire track, collision, and piece of destruction racks up points, and you can earn combos or try to destroy the buildings too. Burnout Crash features three different game modes beginning with rush hour which is 90 second crash fest. There’s also road block where you try to keep five cars from getting away, and if you do it triggers super events including asteroids, twisters, tidal waves, airplane crashes, and more gigantic destruction. The third mode is pile-up where you try to keep ignite fires to keep the game going.

The three game modes are available in each of 18 different intersections across six unique locations. For each of the 54 events, there are five different challenges to earn a five star score, and you can use those stars to unlock new cars. There’s a whole lot of crashing to enjoy, and the game also has special one on one challenges as well as Game center achievements. The gameplay is simply superb, and it’s highlighted by the high quality destruction graphics with each car crumpling up, and each explosion shinning on screen. There’s never a dull moment, and each intersection and mode provides a unique challenge to make sure the action never becomes dull.

Burnout Crash ($4.99, Universal) just may be the best action game in the App Store, making it a must buy. It’s an exceptional game that you will no doubt keep you coming back to it as it piles up your enjoyment.


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