Can Knockdown 3 – Tossing A Realistic Takedown

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Outstanding 3D graphics engine | Realistic physics engine | Surprising puzzle depth

Elevated tosses are a bit tough | Still just a ball tossing game


The classic carnival game that gives you cans or milk bottles to knock down always seems rigged whether the items have extra weights, or are even glued together. Can Knockdown is an iOS game that gives you the essence of that skill competition transformed into touch form. You simply swipe the screen to toss the ball at the cans, and it’s perfect for pick up and play that can get you absolutely hooked. The developers, Infinite Dreams, have extended the base mechanic into a physics puzzler with ornate can structures to topple with special can types, and environmental obstacles. The game is so popular, that the third version has just been released with all new intricacies.
Can Knockdown 3 features five locations with 20 levels each, providing 100 levels of cans to knockdown. As you advance, you come across explosive, extra ball, and toxic cans as well as block structures, conveyor belts, swinging blockades, switches, and more. The game does a great job of roping you in, and keeping coming back , all while not having to plunk down another dollar for three more balls. The puzzles become surprisingly complex, and the three star scoring system amplifies the challenge as you need to finish with balls left over. It becomes quite rewarding to nail a fastball right on an explosive can to topple all cans on screen.

The 3D graphics engine is truly remarkable with such ornate realism in the grungy environments. The physics engine may be the best part of the game with the cans reacting exactly as you would expect from the force, and angle of your toss. It’s also great to see the cans dent accurately based on where the ball makes impact. The graphics engine enhances the feeling of success when you finally score three stars on a given level. The controls are so smooth as well, and the only problem is that it’s tough to be preciise on elevated shots to get cans on higher shelfs. The main drawback of the game that is as finely crafted as a ball tossing game can be, but it’s still relatively simplistic in scope, and engagement.

Can Knockdown 3 ($0.99, Universal) provides some of the most realism in the App Store to make it as close as possible to tossing the balls into the cans as can be with your finger. There are so many varied puzzles to enjoy making Can Knockdown 3 worth picking up, and a prize winner.


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