Candy Crush Saga – Diving Into The Phenomena

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Tons of levels | Objectives vary to keep things fresh | Surprising amount of challenge

Power-ups are only accessible through IAP | Familiar to quite a few other games


If you have never heard of the Candy Crush Saga, then you must never visit the App Store because it has staked its claim there, like very few apps. Candy Crush Saga has consistently been in the top five of the top free and top grossing app charts since it launched on iOS last November. Its initial popularity was driven by the online flash games site, and the Facebook version of the game. Its appeal though has extended far beyond those beginnings, and has established its own huge stake in the iOS world, and it’s real no wonder why.
Candy Crush Saga is such a casual game that can appeal to so many people no matter your interests. The gameplay is instantly familiar to Bejeweled as you swipe horizontally or vertically to make matches of three. It’s taken a step further with more puzzle centric gameplay that provides a limited number of moves to complete the given objective in a given level. What starts out so casually, and simple becomes surprisingly complex as you need to make specific matches, reach a certain score plateau, clear the board for special items to reach the bottom, or make matches on marked tiles. All the while you’re matching colorful candy, in a world that is built right on the idea of the classic board game Candy Land. There’s also just such a friendly vibe aligning with the Sugar Rush world in Wreck-It-Ralph.

The Saga aspect may be the most appealing part of the game as there’s an actual world map to explore as you complete levels. The idea is similar to Azkend where you’re given a match three adventure, and there are now 275 levels included in Candy Crush Saga. There’s great incentive to keep matching candy, and the varying level objectives make it that much more appealing. At first glance, the game looks like another Bejeweled clone, but just a few minutes reveals a brand new experience that can stand on its own. Since the game is coming from Facebook, friend leaderboards and progress are included as well as the ability for your save file to be played on Facebook or iOS. That also means that Game Center isn’t included, which is a bit disappointing.
Candy Crush Saga’s popularity arose from an initial boost, but everything since has arisen from the intrinsic quality of the game with it easily being spread by word of mouth. Since the game is in the top grossing charts, it is freemium with numerous in-app purchases, though they all rely on consumable power-ups. You can buy your way to victory, or you can simply play through the valuable challenge in each level, and ignore the power-ups. Candy Crush Saga gives you the choice, and you can fully enjoy the match three journey for free. The most surprising aspect is that although there’s such a super casual style, there’s just straightforward enjoyment that anyone can align with, and it may even be a guilty pleasure for more “hardcore” gamers.

Candy Crush Saga (Free,Universal) is a tasty treat that delivers so much to enjoy, that you might get cavities.


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  1. linda haddock July 28, 2013 at 7:42 PM -

    i think candy crush is awsome. it hooks you right away .the whole lay out of the game is great .i mean iv ran into old friends i havent seen in ten years or more. just a all around great game

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