Castle Doombad – Playing As The Villain, And Loving It

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

A new twist on the tower defense formula | Great personality | Nice strategy

Can be a bit slow moving | Upgrades are somewhat tedious


Normally we play as the good guy trying to vanquish evil, but in the case of Castle Doombad, you get to play as the villain. Castle Doombad is a new tower defense game from Adult Swim, and it includes a nice assortment of charm and character. We have seen plenty of tower defense games, and yet Castle Doombad is able to provide a relatively unique twist. You’re given an assortment of traps and minions to place strategically within a tower to stop the invading heroes before they rescue the princess in the very top room of the tower.
Finally, you get to vanquish Prince Charming as he leads his way up the tower, and you get to do so with floor spikes, bomb minions, da boot trap, trap doors, slimy tentacles, fat trolls, and much more. There are 23 different unlockable traps and minions, and each one can be upgraded. The main challenge is that you’re only given six slots in any given level, so you have to make the tough decision of what to go to battle with. There are 45 levels spread across three unique towers with each one presenting more complex heroes, more floors to defend, and more choices of utilities to use. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also an unlockable endless mode for each tower giving you the ability to stack traps that work together for an engaging strategy experience.

The game offers the true meaning of tower defense, as instead of using towers in an open field, you’re protecting each floor of a tower. It’s great to see the whole game in motion, and the theme is what really ties the whole experience together. Another valuable aspect of Castle Doombad is that each level is made for on the go gaming, so instead of sitting there mindlessly going through 20 waves, you only have to face two or three intense waves. It makes for a much more interactive experience with plenty of action as you always seem to be doing something, including activating the manual traps at just the right time. Your defense is composed of just a few entities that can make a world of difference, as you defend against an assault that is storming upwards. Also, heroes can come in at different floors, and destroy your defenses to really throw you off. The set-up takes elements of Plants vs. Zombies, Defender Chronicles, and Kingdom Rush to present a unique tower defense experience that offers entertaining action throughout.

Castle Doombad ($2.99, Universal) subtly reinvents the tower defense genre while infusing a bunch of personality to make for a must buy that you will enjoy for a long time to come.


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