Catapult King – New Dimension Of Physics Puzzles

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 5/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Engaging gameplay with first person view | Outstanding physics engine | Gorgeous 3D design

Could always use more levels | The score plateaus are a bit frustrating | Somewhat repetitive

The physics puzzle genre has become stale simply because so many games seem like Angry Birds. It’s amusing because Angry Birds is actually based on Crush The Castle which features a medieval theme where you’re launching a catapult into knights, rather than sling-shotting birds into pigs. Angry Birds become supremely popular, and now everything has to be compared to it, even though it’s not original in its own right. Catapult King is a new physics puzzle game that is is a lot like Crush The Castle/Angry Birds, but with a 3D design and first person perspective.

You begin with a catapult, and you simply pull back into the screen, release, and launch boulders into wood and stone castles filled with knights. The first person perspective really ties you into the game, and makes it a whole lot easier to aim, and adjust power. The 3D design doesn’t just enhance the visuals, but the gameplay as well so that there’s depth to each structure, and much more intricacies. The entire game feels like Boom Blox for the Wii, which is definitely a good thing. The stacks of 3D blocks can topple in every direction, and allow for plenty of variation across 64 levels.

The physics engine is spot on for such accurate reactions, and the overall graphic design is simply amazing. It’s great to see the blocks topple and explode, and there’s high resolutions graphics for the 3D elements in the foreground and the colorful hand drawn artwork in the background. As you advance, you unlock new types of boulders to launch including heavy balls, splitters, and explosives. There’s also nice replay elements with the ability to earn bronze, silver or gold crowns as well as three sets of gems for specific objectives. It’s also nice that you can tap and hold on the crown or gems to see what exactly is required.

Catapult King ($0.99, Universal) takes the physics puzzle genre to the next dimension, and it’s a must buy that will definitely provide hours of enjoyment. The game really excels at every aspect, and it has all the makings to be the next hit in the App Store.


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