Chameleon Run – Changing Colors At The Speed Of Light

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Fast paced platformer action | Core challenge with color change component | Great design

Game is relatively short with just a few levels | Leaves you wanting more

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Running at high speeds and jumping along the way is a relatively familiar past time. Chameleon Run is a new game published by Noodlecake that adds the ability to switch colors to the familiar running and jumping for an all new challenge. You need to switch between pink and yellow, so that your character matches up with the platform, and you will need to continue to switch colors as you hop between alternating colored platforms. Chameleon Run is all about speed to the point that it feels like you’re flying by the seat of your pants to stay on top of the color change, and the right timed jumps.
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Chameleon Run looks like an endless runner at first glance, but it turns out, it’s a level based platformer with thoughtfully designed levels. Everything is designed for challenge to jump into the air and switch colors before you land with precise timing needed. The game is challenging, but not overwhelming as you can get into the flow of the jumps and color changes. There’s a simple two button control scheme allowing you to tap the right side of the screen to jump, and left side of the screen to change color. The jumping mechanic allows you to control the length of your jump based on how long you hold, and you can also double jump and head jump. That’s all there is to it, allowing you to focus on the core difficulty of high speeds, and precariously placed platforms.

Chameleon Run offers a beautiful 3D design that provides stark contrasting colors with a reflective surface below the platforms. It’s great to see in motion, especially with the color trail behind your character. Through it all, the best aspect is the level design with the some levels requiring quick hops and multiple rapid color changes, and other levels testing you with long jumps and allowing your character to drop. The problem is that the game has only 16 levels with five of those being tutorial levels. The 11 levels blow by quickly, and while there is built in incentive to replay, it’s still a relatively short game. Each level offers three special objectives with non-linear layouts of a given level. That’s nice to have, but the game could benefit from an unlockable endless mode, or rather more of the great level design.

Chameleon Run ($1.99, Universal) is a finely presented action packed platformer that is high on speed, challenge, and most importantly enjoyment making it well worth picking up.

$1.99, Universal


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