Chillaxian – Relaxing While Rocking The Old School

2.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2.5/5
Design: 3/5
Duration: 2/5

Classic arcade feel | Offers elements of different arcade space shooters | Retro style throughout

No incentive to keep playing | Too methodical & slow moving | Repetitive wave set-up


They just don’t make games like they used to, or maybe they do in the case of Chillaxian. It’s a retro inspired space shooter that is a mash-up of Galaga and Space Invaders, with some elements of Galaxian thrown in. Each level presents a mass of alien enemy ships at the top of the screen to blast away with occasional dive bombers, both reminiscent of Galaga. Your ship fires a single missile at a time providing the Space Invaders style methodical attack approach. There’s also a bonus stage every few levels which offers a stranded space pod to pick up, to add another shooter to your ship, as seen in Galaxian.
The result is Chillaxian, which aims to offer a laid back vibe while blasting away enemy ships just like the classic 1980s arcade games. If you’ve ever played any old school arcade games, then Chillaxian will be instantly familiar, and yet it has its own twists. First off, the game is made for touch, so you simply tap either side of the screen to move your ship that fires automatically. There’s also a deluxe soundtrack that is geared towards the action on screen, and the way that levels progress. Finally, there’s a retro art style that looks like it’s straight out of the 80’s video game era. It all combines for familiar action that is effortless to pick up and play with a nice sense of nostalgia.

The rescue pod Galaxian format is a key component to the game, as it will especially help you manage the boss waves that appear every five stages. The gameplay is definitely on the slow paced side, again to align with the “chill” theme, and Space Invaders firing mechanic. The main difference between Galaga and Galaxian is the speed whether it’s enemy movement, ship firing rate, or difficulty increase with Galaga offering more in all three regards. Chillaxian, is more like Galaxian, based on the name, and it makes for somewhat tedious gameplay as you try to nail every last enemy one shot at a time.
Plasma Sky is another retro inspired iOS arcade shooter, but it’s fashioned more after Galaga, and provides a lot more action packed enjoyment. Chillaxian comes up short due to the fact that every stage plays essentially the same, and it becomes quite boring. In fact, you don’t even need to pay that much attention to the game, and it becomes a monotonous chore to get through each stage. This is especially apparent once you restart a game at the beginning stages as soon as you lose on a difficult wave. There’s virtually no incentive to keep you coming back, and if this was a game in the classic arcade, it would get very few quarters for a second go. There are nice checkpoints every ten levels, but the game just doesn’t have the variety, or connection with the player that other iOS arcade shooters offer.

Chillaxian ($1.99, Universal) is a game that is high on nostalgia, but low on present day enjoyment making it one to skip despite the promising first impression.


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