Circadia – Simple And Elegant Neon Tone Tapping

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Such a simple, yet beautiful design | Unique gameplay idea | Easy to pick up and play

More based on visuals that tones | The levels begin to blend together

Sometimes simplicity can stand out in its own right, and can also allow for elegance for everyone. Circadia is a new game that perfectly embodies simplicity by providing a rhythm based game that is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. You begin by simply trying to get each tone to hit the white dot at the same time, and there are only two different tones to start. The tones are different pitches and colors, and lower pitches move slower while higher pitches move faster.

The game is extremely high on timing as you tap each dot to begin the note, and try to have each note reach the white dot at the same time. Each tone is indicated by a different color, and the note radiates out from the colored dot at the given speed. The audio and visual aspects are intrinsically tied together, and still are simple and straightforward. The base mechanic expands considerably across 100 levels with new notes introduced every few levels. The simple beginning makes way for increasingly complex gameplay as you try to time three tones reaching multiple white dots at the same time.

Circadia ($0.99, Universal) features an elegant design as well with neon colors on a black background that truly light up the screen. Circadia is a game like the iPhone is a phone and the iPad is a tablet with both being simple and elegant versions of potentially complex devices. The game’s simplicity does result in a somewhat repetitive feel as the levels do begin to blend together. The challenge also can become quite frustrating as you’re off by the slightest margins. Also, the game is a rhythm based game, but the understanding the visuals is much more important to success.

Circadia is an elegant game that really becomes an immersive experience on your iOS device making it worth picking up.


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