Coco Loco – Creating A Fresh Physics Puzzle Brew

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Brilliant physics engine | Adds freshness to the genre | Plenty of personality

60 levels go pretty quick | A bit on the easy side

The physics puzzle genre may be the most popular in the App Store with games like Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, and Where’s My Water. It takes a lot to truly stand out in the genre, and Coco Loco is the newest game attempting to do so. The game has an odd premise where you play as a clan of Marshmallows, and you need to rescue the other Marshmallows that were captured by the Coco Beans. The marshmallows disrespected the Coco Beans by being greedy when it comes to the hot chocolate. Now you need to use the hot chocolate to rescue your Marshmallow brethren.

Along the way you’ll use special abilities including sumo, ninja, bomb, squirter, and jelly to beat the 60 levels. The highlight of the game is varying liquid physics engine which is absolutely superb, and allows for great reaction by the hot chocolate and jelly. Every single level offers a unique challenge, and all comes down to using the various liquids. The game feels completely fresh, and it takes the best aspects of Angry Birds and Where’s My Water to create a brand new experience.

The game is bursting with polish as well as plenty of personality for each Marshmallow. The physics engine is the ultimate selling point of the game, and we can’t emphasize it enough as it allows for such creative levels. There’s replayability too with the usual three star scoring system which includes extra marshmallows, collected coins, and destroyed objects.

Coco Loco ($0.99, Universal) is a must buy that is the latest physics puzzle sensation that will appeal to all kinds of iOS owners. The game will warm you up like a nice fresh cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day.


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