Cognition – Solving Crimes With Visions Of The Past

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Detailed storyline | Great 3D art style | Hooks you in from the beginning

Tedious stretches | Controls are based on a mouse | A lot of loading times

Point and click adventures can really fit well on iOS, and become more touch based adventures as you can simply tap wherever you want to explore. Cognition is a brand new series that follows the story of FBI agent Erica Reed as she tries to stop serial killers. Erica has a special ability that lets her see visions from the past, which can act as clues as she reconstructs crime scenes little by little. Episode 1, The Hangman, of a four part series is now available, and begins with an intense search as Erica tries to save her kidnapped brother.

The main storyline offers classic procedural style that seems to be in almost every scripted show these days. You investigate the crime scene, check in at the lab, and then follow-up leads on your way to uncovering the identity of the serial killer. There are some interesting questions outside of the crime investigation as who’s leaving the clues for Erica, how do they know about her ability of visions, and what’s the end goal? The intro scene before the title sequence hooks you in, and then you’re ready to go on an adventure alongside Erica Reed tracking down four different serial killers across the four planned episodes.

The game was originally launched for PC/Mac, and you can tell with the pointer style used throughout the game. Cognition is still accessible through touch, but you can tell the game isn’t designed with touch in mind as you drag your finger, much like a mouse, to activate different sections and actions. One of the main problems with the gameplay is that it can get a bit tedious going through the rudimentary tasks of interacting with almost every single object on screen. Also, there are considerable loading times quite often making the entire experience feel like it’s dragging on at time. The game does feature a grizzly 3D art style that has ties to graphic novels, and is a bit reminiscent of The Walking Dead.

Cognition Episode 1 ($3.99, iPad) is a deluxe point and click adventure that isn’t perfect, but does deliver an engaging overall experience that you will want to keep diving into.


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