Colin McRae Rally – Smooth Handling For Challenging Courses

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Outstanding handling | Smooth touch or tilt controls | Great physics engine

Quite a bit of redundancy | Rally style can be off putting to some | No unpredictability


Rally racing is a completely different experience, as it’s just you and the track. Most racing games have multiple cars facing off, but not in Colin McRae Rally, which is a gaming classic. The Playstation One game has come to iOS with 30 rally stages to take part in. Your goal is to simply complete the track as quick as you can, and your time competes against others. Despite no other competition on the course, it’s still an action packed challenge due to the intricate design of the rally track layouts.
Colin McRae Rally is known for the racing design, and it’s included here, but fine tuned for iOS. The game features tight handling, a great sense of speed, and realistic physics engine to give you some feel of being in the driver’s seat. There’s a very accurate balance as you drift around curves, speed over jumps, and take on switchbacks. The controls are extremely well made for iOS whether it’s tilt or touch, as each one offers great handling. There’s no other racing game on iOS that feels so smooth as you tap on the manual and hand brake while gliding around a curve with the nose of your car just missing a tree or wall. You always feel in complete control of the action, and that’s absolutely essential with the precision that the ornate tracks demand. There’s also a nice repair system to go with the degradation of your car, and you can instantly tell how the handling degrades as you smash up your car.

There’s a lot of racing to take part in with seven main championship rallies to take part in across different locations. There are famous off-road cars to unlock as well to tie into the more difficult races down the line. The only real drawback is that the races can blend together a bit simply because the lack of unpredictability which is usually supplied with multi-car racing. The rally racing can also put some to sleep as the races can just drag on with three to five minutes of subtle curves, and occasional sharper turns. The style isn’t for everyone, but there’s a lot to appreciate because it’s such a well made driving experience. The game is also great to see in action when focusing on the car, although the backgrounds haven’t been updated from the original version of the game.

Colin McRae Rally ($1.99, Universal) is a finely crafted racing experience that fits very well on iOS. It’s a great driving experience with an accurate feel to every move of the car, though the game style can grow a bit bland. Colin McRae Rally is worth picking up for some immersive rally racing.


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