Colorcube – Piecing Together A New iOS Challenge

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 0.5/5
Design: 0, 0.5/5
Duration: 0.5/5

Thought provoking puzzles | Clean UI with neat elements | Lots to play through

No hint system or way to skip levels | Can be frustrating at times

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There are many mindless games out there, and there’s always a place for those types of games. Sometimes though, you want a game that requires thinking, and that’s what Colorcube is all about. The game presents you with a hexagonal board, and you’re given pieces to position, rotate, and change colors in an attempt to make the target image at the top of the screen. Colorcube takes cues from the tangrams idea of piecing together puzzle pieces, but there’s a much looser board construction.
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There are over 200 levels included that begin with four shapes and four colors, and build to 16 shapes. The hexagonal board stays consistent, and so does the target type of image on top. The increase in pieces allows for that much more experimentation to compose the target image. There’s a minimalistic design style and interface allowing you to simply focus on the puzzle challenge at hand. The UI includes easy touch controls to rotate pieces, and the background offers a color gradient based on the current color scheme of your pieces. It’s neat to see a solution come together as you change the colors and rotate the pieces. Figuring out the overlap of the pieces and colors is the true challenge that will definitely make you think along with considerable trial and error.

As soon as you complete one level, the target image morphs in 3D right into the next target image. This set-up keeps you engaged to keep going from level to level. The only real drawback is that there’s no hint system, so that if you’re ever truly stuck on a level, there’s nothing left to do. You unlock levels one at a time with no ability to skip around to perhaps try a different challenge. At the outset the limitation isn’t too bad, as enough trial and error can figure it out, but later levels have so many possible permutations it can be near impossible. A potential hint system could just nudge you in the right direction, but the complete omission can lead to some frustration.

Colorcube ($1.99, Universal) delivers a smooth challenge that is a true brain teaser for iOS making it well worth picking up.

$1.99, Universal


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