Colossatron: Massive World Threat – Destroying Genre Boundaries

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

New way to play an action game | Highly engaging | Great design | Quality campaign

A bit too passive | Somewhat repetitive core structure | Upgradeable weapons are off-putting


This just in, there’s a massive world threat set to invade your iOS device. Colossatron: Massive World Threat is the latest game from Halfbrick Studios that lets you control a giant robotic space snake that has invaded earth to destroy everything in sight. At first glance, Colossatron looks like an intense dual stick shooter, but it turns out it shares more qualities with a match three game. In fact, Colossatron takes elements of Triple Town, Rampage, Snake, and Death Worm to create a game that is unlike anything else around. Colossatron is composed of a series of power cores that randomly appear on the battlefield, and you simply drag them into the snaking body of Colossatron.
The game mechanic is definitely unexpected, but it’s quite intuitive, and fits on iOS devices. Colossatron moves, and destroys things automatically, so you’re simply overseeing the destruction. Your goal is to build the biggest, baddest Colossatron you can by dragging in the different power cores. There are the three primary colors of blue, yellow, and red, and you can combine them to make orange, purple, and green. Each colored power core offers a special addition to Colossatron, and you continue to drag them in to build up combos. The game is like Triple Town in that matching three blues creates a bigger blue weapon, and then combining three big blue weapons makes a massive weapon. Your goal is to drag similar colors together within the body chain of Colossatron, and making matches in the chain is kind of like a marble shooter. The matching mechanic seems odd at first with the non-stop destructive action going on all around, but it makes for a whole new way to play an action game.

Most matching games are on the slow side, while most action games can get convoluted with on screen clutter. Having the ability to just upgrade, and transform your weapons through passive matching is a match made in heaven. The style lets you constantly focus on upgrading Colossatron, which is very important with the onslaught of military opponents sent your way. The game is composed of a deluxe campaign where each of the seven continents has four areas to destroy to advance to the next region. Each area has a particular goal, whether it’s a boss battle against high tanks, or causing a certain amount of damage. There’s also an endless survival mode for each continent, and everything your destroy helps you upgrade the power cores to better your next run.
The experience can feel passive, and somewhat easy at times, but once you reach the third region, you will be struggling to survive. There’s a deluxe game engine at work that can supports hundreds of on screen opponents, and a complete bullet hell style environment. It’s enjoyable to see all of the action in motion, and you can actually appreciate it, since you’re not actively moving and firing with Colossatron. The game is highly engaging to say the least, and the campaign set-up keeps you coming back for more with the different environments, constant supply of boss battles, and the potential to try out different power core strategies. There’s a surprising level of strategy as each colored power core corresponds to a different weapon type.

What starts out simple become plenty complex to keep you actively engaged, and anxiously anticipating the next power core sliding on to the screen. Soon the power cores you have will start to be destroyed, so you will want to keep making bigger matches for tougher units within Colossatron. In between each area, there are special upgrades, and you also have access to gadgets at the completion of each continent. All of the action is delivered with a high degree of polish, and everything is detailed by the fictitious Action 6 news team. Colossatron is a lot like Halfbrick’s previous efforts in boiling down complex genres into their simplest ingredients to simply make it fun above all else. If you’re expecting an action shooter you may be disappointed, but after that initial response fades, you’ll enjoy every minute of overseeing, and optimizing the destruction.

Colossatron: Massive World Threat ($0.99, Universal) delivers a new take on non-stop action to blend different genres into a thoroughly engaging and entertaining touch experience that is a should buy.


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