Cover Orange 2 – Freshly Squeezed Juicy Puzzles

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Easy to pick up and play | Deceptively complex| Nice personality

Too much like the original | Levels start to blend together


App Store sequels are intriguing as developers can really go anyway whether it’s new levels based on an existing mold, or a brand new extension with just the same characters and ideas of the original. We have seen so many sequels as of late, trying to balance new features with sacrificing what made the original so good. Cover Orange is a game by FDG Entertainment that is effortless to pick up and start enjoying, and it becomes deceptively complex as you go. The sequel has maintained that methodology, with 120 new levels separated across three different time periods. The main goal is to get your oranges into cover by any means necessary before the acid rain cloud comes overhead.
In each level, you’re given just a few objects to work with as you’re mainly interacting with the level structure in place, rather than building the entire structure yourself. In some levels, you’re just nudging an orange, brushing against a moving pillar, or breaking glass to get the oranges into safety. The sequel has more intricate level layouts so that you’re launching oranges up ramps into safety zones, using bombs to launch objects into oranges, and even setting up rudimentary carts to roll oranges around. An interesting new addition is a more action puzzle style where the timing with which you drop items is essential to success, as compared to a more methodical puzzle set-up. All of it so effortlessly manageable through the drag and drop interface, which allows you to focus on the challenge at hand.

It’s surprising just how complex the game becomes to the point that you can be stumped on where to place which objects. Another new addition in number two is a single hidden star in each level that briefly appears while the cloud is overhead to give you another objective instead of just watching the cloud. Overall, it’s just the type of game that is effortless to pick up, but difficult to put down as each new level invites you to continue to cover your oranges. There’s a great level of personality to make you care about the oranges, especially when other oranges cry when one is lost. The only detriment to the entire experience is that it feels like just a level pack extension to the original more than anything else. Familiarity can be good or bad, and in this case it’s a little of both.

Cover Orange 2 ($0.99, Universal) is a bit too similar to the original to garner a higher score, but it still provides lasting enjoyment making it worth picking up.


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