Crazy Taxi – Delivering An Arcade Classic On To iOS

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Arcade classic now on iOS | Over the top action | Great translation to iOS

Repetitive pattern of destinations | Below the standard of today

Crazy Taxi is an absolute classic whether it’s in the arcade or on the Dreamcast, among other consoles. The game from 2000 is now racing on iOS, and it delivers the same crazy action as you taxi customers around the city. If you’re unfamiliar with Crazy Taxi, it’s a high speed arcade racer, where your race is against the clock. Your goal is to pick up passengers, and deliver them to their destination in the time limit, and try to complete as many deliveries as possible.

The game itself delivers great arcade action as you are always moving at high speeds, and can slam into other cars and walls without harm done. It’s an over the top driving game that includes jumps, accidents, and people dodging out of the way. The game hasn’t changed in all these years, and the question is how it translates to iOS. The answer is very good with very tight touch controls, as we as optional tilt controls to drive the taxi. The graphics are based on the 2000 version, but offer finer details for the retina display, and all of the action flows smoothly on the latest iOS devices.

The iOS version from Sega also features the classic arcade mode, as well as the original console mode with either arcade there are, 3, 5, or 10 minute time conditions. The arcade time conditions give you minimal time that can be replenished with new passengers. There are also 16 mini-games to race in, and the iOS version incorporates Game Center for achievements and leaderboards to compare you arcade high scores with your friends and the world. There are two different environments that offer great level design with great building layouts, plenty of jumps, and tons of traffic.

The traffic aspect is one of the best parts as it provides great obstacles, potential for crazy crashes, and bonus fares for close calls when driving through traffic. The iOS version of Crazy Taxi nails the feel of mayhem the franchise is known for, and that’s all you really want from Crazy Taxi. Still though, the modes play very similarly with a pattern for the destinations you need to go to so there’s some repetition from race to race. The game also begs the question we posed a while back, if decade old ports are the best we can hope for on iOS. Crazy Taxi is a classic, but pales in comparison to new top tier iOS titles like Fifa 13, Bastion, Tentacles, Fieldrunners, Blast-A-Way, Walking Dead, and more whether they’re iOS unique or more recent ports.

Crazy Taxi ($4.99, Universal) for iOS provides everything the game is known for, just now on touch devices. If you liked the original, it’s great to play on your iOS device as it delivers the same over the top action, and frantic arcade style that is rarely seen on iOS. The port is also very well made, and the only real drawback is that the game faces much higher standards then when it was first released in 2000. Crazy Taxi is still a should buy that is engaging and entertaining each time you race your taxi across the city.


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