Crimson: Steam Pirates – Battling On The High Seas

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Length: 3.5/5

Great strategy gameplay | Outstanding visuals | Intricate theme

A little bit slow moving | Comes to an end relatively quickly

Game Info

APP NAME: Crimson: Steam Pirates

DEVELOPER(S): Harebrained Games

PUBLISHER(S): Bungie Aerospace

GENRE(S): Strategy

RELEASE DATE(S): September 1st, 2011

Are you ready for a pirate battle on the high seas? Crimson: Steam Pirates is now available for the iPad from Jordan Weisman of Harebrained Schemes, who is also behind the PC games Crimson Skies, MechWarrior, and Shadowrun Universe. The game is published by Bungie Aerospace, who is the development team behind Halo, as well as the classic FPS, Marathon. Crimson: Steam Pirates has a great legacy, but how does the development and publishers first iOS effort perform, let’s find out.

Crimson: Steam Pirates is a turn based strategy games with a steampunk pirate theme set in the Caribbean. The first thing you notice is the excellent design quality poring out of every pixel. You begin with an actual storyline behind the gameplay, and then get to dive into your first sea battle with great ship design, combat, and explosions. You begin as a brand new pirate captain, and work your way through eight missions in the first saga which is completely free to play. Then next saga is $1.99, and the game does a great job of hooking you in for free, and making you want more.

Every mission has a different objective, and as you advance you gain more ships at your disposal while facing more enemy ships, bases, subs, and zeppelins. You simply drag a short path of your ships during your turn, and then press the play button to watch the action unfold. Crimson: Steam Pirates is all about strategy as you try to put your ships in the right position to counter your enemy’s attacks. During your turn, you can choose to use special powers like boost, double cannon, repair, or board an enemy. When you board an enemy, you get to assign your crew members to battles with the existing ship’s crew.

Every single turn only gives you slight adjustments to make, which makes every move so crucial. Once you set your ships direction, you then get to sit back, and watch how your maneuvers perform. It’s great witnessing the sea battle action unfold, step by step, and you can always slightly adjust your strategy to turn the tables. Many strategy games have been reserved for hardcore gamers, but Crimson: Steam Pirates opens up the genre for all, while still maintaining plenty of challenge. Beyond the single player campaign, there are also two pass and play local multiplayer scenarios.

Crimson: Steam Pirates (Free, iPad) is an outstanding iPad gaming experience that allows you to dive deeply into the steampunk pirate and sea battle theme. The game just may be the best strategy game in the App Store, and it’s designed so well to fit the iPad. Crimson: Steam Pirates is such a great download for free as you get the whole first saga, and you’ll definitely want the $1.99 second saga after playing the first. Hit the deck, ready the cannons, and fire up the game on your iPad.

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    Great giveaway.

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    It’s unreal!
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    Great review, just downloaded and giving it a try!

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    Of all these app give aways (which is awesome) this is the one I’m most excited about! Count me in!

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    Apple napps is cool. ENd of sentence.




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    Count me in! Would love to get a copy.

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    Congrats to our winners of Dungeon Defenders.

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