Crossy Road – Enjoying Crossing To The Other Side

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Thrilling arcade action | Great 3D design | Neat unlockable characters

Not the most long term replay factor | Could use missions/challenges


Why did the chicken cross the road? To see what it’s like to be Frogger, at least in the case of the new iOS game Crossy Road. It’s an endless arcade game reminiscent of Frogger as you hop forward through traffic, across rivers, and for simply as long as you can. It’s Frogger for a new generation as the first thing that stands out is a great looking 3D art style to depict all that you’re hopping through. The familiar style invites you in, and the core gameplay keeps you coming back again, and again.
In Crossy Road, all you do it tap to jump, and then swipe to change direction as you maneuver across the busy city streets, or across flowing logs on a river. There’s a fast paced flow to the entire game, so that you can quickly dash through traffic, and it seems every hop forward is a brush with death. As you survive, the freeways include more lanes, and you will need to stop on the freeway, and find just the right path through the breaks in the cars. It’s an intense challenge that will keep you constantly engaged until the inevitable mistake. This is the type of game that the second you lose, you want to get back at it, as you know you can do better.

There’s great fun leaping through the well designed world, and the controls are precise to let you hop exactly where you want. In addition to the intrinsic replay factor of the game, there are also unlockable characters based on how long you play, or the coins you earn. You start out with a chicken, but can unlock a frog, sheep, penguin, kiwi, and more with 50 characters included. The new characters don’t change the endless gameplay, and rather just the design, but it still gives you a little extra to shoot for. You will most likely pick up new characters just by being drawn to keep playing the game with the randomly generated layout of obstacles. The game is free to play, but just with the option to quickly buy characters, or watch video ads to get coin boosts.

Crossy Road (Free, Universal) is a blast to play each time, presenting a simple mechanic fashioned into a thrilling challenge that is a great pick-up.

Free, Universal


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  1. Brodizzle November 20, 2014 at 8:09 PM -

    How do you unlock the last character, because i already have all the other ones

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