Cubed Rally Redline – Endless Retro Slot Car Racing

2.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 3/5
Duration: 2/5

Classic arcade action | Great style | Enjoyable endless racing style

Relatively repetitive | Could use missions or alternate modes | Too simplistic

Cubed Rally Racer is an outstanding arcade racer with 8-bit graphics, crazy obstacles, and smooth controls as you swerve around corners. Cubed Rally Redline is a brand new version that is more like a slot car style with five distinct lanes on the track. In Racer, you can swerve across the entire screen, while in Redline you precisely move between lanes to dodge obstacles. Redline makes it easier to make it through tight squeezes, and thus the gameplay pace has gone up a notch.

Cubed Rally Redline is an endless racer which has quite a simple arcade style by being a high score based game. Each run starts off the same, but there are various obstacle sections presented to you randomly. There are also drift coins for bonus points by staying in the same lane after collecting one of those coins. Your gas also slowly depletes, so you’ll need to collect gas cans. The action gets so intense later on that there’s an emergency time brake to slow down time to quickly switch lanes to maneuver through a line of trees for example.

Redline maintains the 8-bit style and crazy obstacles of Racer, but overall is just a bit too simplistic. The game is begging for an alternate challenge mode as it’s disappointing to restart at the bland beginnings after crashing as soon as you get into tough stretches in the race before. The endless nature also opens itself up to some specific challenges to aim for to keep you engaged, as there isn’t much now. It’s interesting how the standard of games has changed over the years, as this one is just like a classic arcade title with really nothing else.

Cubed Rally Redline ($0.99, Universal) is nicely designed with some great gameplay, but it’s just too simplistic to recommend.


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