Cubis Creatures – 3D Matching PC Game Comes To iOS

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Superb 3D matching gameplay | Feels fresh on iOS | Daily tournaments

Controls require an extra step compared to PC version | Two IAP level packs

Cubis is an absolute classic PC puzzle game that sadly has been relegated to the PC for far too long. Thankfully, FreshGames has finally brought their cube matching game to iOS in a whole new form in Cubis Creatures. This isn’t just Cubis or Cubis 2, but a brand new iOS version with 80 levels to play on four cute characters. If you’re unfamiliar with Cubis, it’s a 3D puzzle game where you send in cubes to make matches of three or more. It’s more than just another match three game because of the 3D aspects which let you stack cubes as well as make matches down below to start a chain reaction where cubes fall down to create new matches, known as a Cubis.

Cubis Creatures provides the same excellent gameplay, but with all new levels that fit perfectly on iOS. It’s a great casual game that you can pick up and start enjoying instantly. In each level, you try to match all of the star cubes, and you can earn three stars in each level by matching all of the star cubes given. As you advance, the given layout of cubes becomes more complex, and is more prone to creating Cubis chains of matched cubes. The ultimate goal is to match a certain number of cubes per level, and you can earn a bonus by making your last match to clear the board.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s a daily tournament where everyone plays the same level, and gets to compete on global leaderboards. For instance today’s level was 1-13, and you get three chances to improve your score and ranking among all players. It provides a fresh challenge everyday as you compete with your Game Center friends, and all players. It’s a great addition to the puzzle game, and takes advantage of the iOS platform. The graphics are high quality, though not retina iPad ready, and the control scheme is straightforward as you drag to where you want to shoot, and then tap to fire to make sure you don’t mistakenly release a cube.

Cubis Creatures ($0.99, Universal) finally comes to iOS, and does so in high style making it a must buy, and one of the best puzzle matching experiences on the platform.


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