Curiosity – How Many Taps To Reach The Center?

1.5 Overall Score
Usability: 1.5/5
Design: 2.5/5
Duration: 1/5

Extremely interesting idea | Nice controls & design

Repetitive tapping | Pointless monotony | Server problems | Can't really connect with others

It’s amazing to see all of the creativity in the App Store, and Curiosity may be the most creative app yet. It comes from video game veteran Peter Molyneux, and provides a cube to chip away. The app is a social experiment as you join thousands of users across the globe chipping away at the same cube. The ultimate goal is to collectively chip away at an unknown number of layers to reach the center. The thing is, only one person can reach the actual center of the cube, and that person will reveal, “something life-changingly amazing” according to the developers.

The idea is extraordinary as the cube is expansive, and there are little tiny squares to tap on at whatever pace and order you choose. The surface of the cube is constantly updated as everyone is working on the same cube, and you earn coins for each square you chip off. You can earn multiplier streaks for consecutive chipped squares, and the coins can be used for upgraded chiseling tools. The app isn’t really a game as there’s nothing beyond simply tapping the screen, and this is a very long haul.

Curiosity definitely had us intrigued, but after using the app that intrigue quickly dissipated. Beyond the repetitive tapping, and end goal for only one person it isn’t very engaging, and no offense to the developers but a digital item at the end of the rabbit hole just isn’t very alluring. The monotonous tapping also doesn’t have much of an impact, and you can let others go through that process, as this is just day one. The server back-end doesn’t appear ready for the strain of the already 100,000 users, so it takes a bit to connect, and purchases are tough to make. Also, the cube can be updated while you’re in the middle of chipping away a section, and then you see that section already completed.

Curiosity (Free, Universal) is an amazing idea, but the execution is lacking , and the experiment doesn’t have enough of a reward to slog through the monotony. The app also just seems to much like, “how many licks does it take to reach the center of a Tootsie Pop?”, who cares?


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