Danger Boat – Sailing To Fresh Endless Waters

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Each element flows together so well | Makes endless feel fresh | Finely crafted experience

Another endless game | Could use achievements | Blends together after a bit

There are too many endless games to count, but most are about running or jumping. Danger Boat is a new endless game from the makers of Disc Dirvin’, that pits you as a boat captain trying to survive on dangerous seas for as long as you can. Danger Boat is a really refined endless runner that seems to take the best of a number of previous entries in the genre. The best part of Danger Boat is how everything works together to make for an action packed sea faring endless adventure.

As you’re propelling forward there are all kinds of rocks to dodge, missiles to avoid, and even submarine mines to steer clear of. The obstacles are in continuous supply to keep you on your toes, and the tilt controls are very fine tuned for precision steering through it all. The game is enhanced thanks to a neat power-up generation system that requires you to slalom through ten consecutive buoys to earn a power-up. The power-ups don’t just help you survive, but also provide point boosts in the high score based game. Speaking of point boosts, the game also has waves you can ride, and whirlpools to boost through for bonuses.

The gameplay is just so finely crafted to make it engaging each, and every time you set off. There are also plenty of objectives to complete to increase your score multiplier, and there are the usual coins to collect to help you unlock tons of extras. There are unique boats, power-up enhancements, and special boosts to unlock with the coins you earn. There’s just so much to enjoy, and it keeps you coming back, which is essential for an endless game. To round out the package there’s a great art design, and soundtrack to make it feel like you’re controlling a spy boat action sequence.

Danger Boat (Free, Universal) is a new enjoyable endless excursion to add to your collection that makes the genre feel fresh thanks to the great action on the high seas making it worth picking up.


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