Dark Meadow – Unreal Engrossing Horror Adventure

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 5/5
Length: 4.5/5

Amazingly engrossing horror theme | Beautiful design | Great adventure and combat

Combat results screen disrupts | Most battles are a bit too easy

Game Info

APP NAME: Dark Meadow

DEVELOPER(S): Phosphor Games

GENRE(S): Adventure, Action

RELEASE DATE(S): October 6th, 2011

You awake in an abandoned hospital, and stumble out into the hallway only to be met by a horrifying ghost monster. You have a crossbow, and sword at the ready to battle off the monster, only to learn from an old man that there is a mesmerizing glowing white witch that is the source of your torment. The stage is set for Dark Meadow, which is the newest iOS game to use the Unreal Engine. The gameplay is a mystery adventure that combines elements of Infinity Blade and Dream:scape, which are the other two main games that have used the Unreal Engine.

You move about the hospital looking for clues to try to unravel the mystery of who you are, and why you’re here, similar to in Dream:scape. As you’re exploring, you come across all kinds of creepy monsters, and you begin with a cross bow to attack at long range, and then when they get close there is the Infinity Blade style combat. The controls are intuitive and effortless to launch the crossbow, and then swipe to use your sword, and press the action buttons for dodge and shield from enemy attacks. Dark Meadow has an eerie horror filled theme that is applied to every aspect with the finely designed abandoned hospital and monsters, as well as the spooky sounds.

You never know what will be on the other side of each door, or even further down the hallway. Monsters pop up at all times, and there are so many rooms and corridors to explore. You can find gold, jewels, first aid kits, and article clippings to further unravel the story. The game perfectly balances the exploration aspects with the action battles so that you’re fully engaged and entrenched in the story. Once you start the game, you will be hooked to discover the story behind the creepy situation, and finally catch up to the glowing white witch, and bring an end to her.

The Unreal Engine really shines as it displays the broken down hospital with shadow filled hallways, and light and plants pouring in the various rooms. When you reach the White Witch, she will overpower you for many battles, which means you will need to upgrade your crossbow, sword, and amulets in an attempt to finally defeat her. The white witch is similar to the God King in Infinity Blade, but the overarching story and horror filled theme make it quite a unique iOS experience.

Dark Meadow ($5.99, Universal) is a thrilling iOS gaming experience that perfectly balances horror filled exploration and creepy battle sequences. The game is exceptionally well designed to full immerse you in the Dark Meadow world. The game is virtually flawless, and the only problem is the combat stats after each battle, which take you out of the immersion. Once you start you’ll just want to finish, and it’s just so great moving about the hospital, using the crossbow, and then finishing with the sword.

Dark Meadow is one of the very best iOS games, and is an experience not to be missed, making it a must buy for the price. Also a word of warning, don’t play this one in the dark.


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3 Comments on "Dark Meadow – Unreal Engrossing Horror Adventure"

  1. Martin January 4, 2013 at 6:05 PM -

    I hate when a reviewer say that this game’s battle is “a little bit easy”. It is incredibly HARD for the second half of the game. Reviewers who simply say the batlle is easy is simply just
    play this game only for fifteen minutes or so.

    • Trevor Sheridan January 4, 2013 at 6:44 PM -

      I’ve completed the whole game. A little bit easy comes to attack methods never changing, with rudimentary and repetitive gameplay. To each their own.

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