Darkside – A Whole New Dimension Of Asteroids

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Aboslutely packed with action | Outstanding graphics | 3D environments

The missions are somewhat repetitive | Ship can get lost with so much on screen

With so many dual stick shooters in the App Store, a new one isn’t always heralded with the greatest excitement. Darkside is one dual stick space shooter that definitely deserves your excitement as it’s a bit like Meteor Blitz on iOS, and Super Stardust on PS3. You play on various small 3D planets, and blast away all of the asteroids and enemies flying about. You traverse the circumference of the planet always looking for things to blast, and the movement in 3D space is superb.

The game is packed with content as there are 100 different missions to play that provide different objectives including survival, protection, and asteroid destruction. The game also includes a survival mode with one life, and an arcade mode with three lives. No matter what mode you choose, you’re presented with over the top action with a gorgeous design. Every asteroid and enemy you blast creates a massive explosion that pushes all of the pixels on your retina display.

The 3D engine is top notch, and it’s intrinsic to the gameplay, not just solely for the look of the game. As you’re traveling across the surface of the planet, and blasting away enemies, you get to find all kinds of power-ups to really outfit your ship with over the top weaponry. Your ship can end up firing in every direction, and it further makes the screen shine, and this feels like a game that actually takes advantage of the power of the latest iOS devices. The entire experience feels like a 3D version of the classic Asteroids, though the missions do blend together somewhat with little variability and variation like the original arcade game.

Darkside (Free, Universal) revitalizes the dual stick genre, and offers up one of the best action experiences on the platform making it a should buy. Darkside is also free to play and try, with a single $0.99 in-app purchase to unlock everything in the game.


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