Dead Effect – Battling A Zombie Infection… In Space

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

A deluxe iOS experience | Varied objectives & environments | High quality design

Somewhat repetitive shooting set-up | A Bit too easy | Rudimentary blood splatter


Imagine being stranded on a space station in a far out system, and that space station just happens to be overrun by mutant zombies. That’s the situation in the new iOS game Dead Effect, which is a 3D first person shooter from Bulkypix, with horror survival styling along the lines of Dead Space. Your character awakes form his hibernation pod to find the others evacuated, and blood everywhere. You’re then presented with varying mutant zombie enemies to blast through as you try to fight your way to survival, and a cure. The Sci-Fi FPS is all about in your face action with enemies that charge at you quickly, and others that are severed bodies crawling towards you.
There are 12 deluxe missions in the single player campaign that progress the storyline well, and the story is surprisingly amusing and engaging. The best part of Dead Effect is that unlike similar zombie shooting games, there’s an actual campaign to battle through while traversing expansive environments through this space ship. There are altering objectives, various rooms, and a number of factors to keep driving you forward rather than battling repetitive waves. The game promises over five hours of gameplay in the single player campaign, and the game does a good job of keeping you entertained to want to make it to the end. There still are the usual aspects of repetitiveness, but Dead Effect lessens the effects with changing environments, an amusing storyline, boss battles, and alternating objectives that are just past a section of enemies.

Another noteworthy aspect is the 3D visual design that offers environments and characters reminiscent of Dead Trigger. The only drawback with the design is that the blood effects are relatively rudimentary, and they mask any good kill animations. There are still some nice things to see including your electric pulse weapon, and your bullet time ability. The game is a bit on the easy side, but once you reach about Mission Four the intensity picks up making the bullet time ability essential with eight enemies charging at you at once. As a whole, it’s quite an experience to be had on iOS that isn’t perfect, but better than many other similar games.

Dead Effect ($3.99, Universal) is an in your face first person shooter that will keep you entertained throughout making it a should buy.


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