Dead Trigger 2 – Beautifully Designed Grotesque Entertainment

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Tons of content | Outstanding graphics engine | Various mission types

Still just shooting numerous zombies | Difficulty curve designed to entice IAPs


You can only shoot so many zombies, but that doesn’t stop the plethora of zombie shooters in the App Store, as well as other platforms. Dead Trigger 2 is the latest addition as a follow-up to the original 3D first person zombie shooter from MadFinger Games. The sequel maintains the style, but fleshes it out with a lot more content to play through. The main addition is substantial story mode that has an online component, so that it plays out differently based on how players from around the globe are performing. The game features story levels, side quests, and global challenges, and there are alternate modes rather than simply blasting through zombies. There are time based survival challenges, defensive positioning, destroy object assaults, supply runs, discovery challenges, and destroying every zombie in an area.
The game develops nicely to the point that any time you access the map, there are about five different modes to play. You can keep going to the story mode, but the extra quests are always there for a little variety. With that said, each mode boils down to blasting waves of zombies, and that can grow stale no matter what. There are constantly changing environments, and the extra tasks give you a purpose to blast through the zombies beyond just for killing sake. The end result is a whole lot of content to play through, and it again can change based upon global players. Even though there is the global connectivity, it’s a solely single player experience, but you do get to come across different zombie types including blood spitters, kamikaze types, radioactive entities, and huge bosses.

The game design was the stand out feature of the original, and that hasn’t changed in the sequel. It’s actually gotten better for some ornate 3D visuals whether it’s the ragdoll physics of the zombies, or the detail of the environments. It’s a visual treat as you blast away the zombies, and there are realistic water physics and reflections combined with unique death animations. The control set-up is also extraordinary as it’s made for mobile devices that are accessible to anyone. First person shooters have had trouble on iOS, but Dead Trigger 2 uses an automatic firing mechanic, so you simply have to align the crosshairs, and the game fires when there’s a zombie to fire at. There’s a traditional option as well with a manual fire button, but the auto fire is silky smooth to use, and makes the game a lot more enjoyable.
Another major aspect of Dead Trigger 2 is that it’s free to play, but the payment structure is relatively optional. You can create medicine, new guns, and upgraded tech all for coins with timers until completion, both of which can be enhanced with IAP. Luckily, you can continue to play the game while items are being crafted, and there’s no restrictive energy bar. The only problem seems to be that the difficulty level is tuned in a way to entice you to upgrade your arsenal. It’s an extreme challenge to continue through the storyline without upgrades, and it’s disappointing that you can’t just keep playing without having to worry about what you’re working with. Still though, you can fully enjoy the game for free, and the in-app purchases can enhance the experience while supporting such a finely crafted zombie shooter.

Dead Trigger 2 (Free, Universal) offers beautifully design grotesque entertainment that you should download if you’re even remotely interested.


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