Dead Trigger – Drop Dead Gorgeous Zombie Shooter

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3/5
Design: 5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Gorgeous design | Tons of shooting action | Nice story & side missions

Disappointing | Very basic shooter gameplay | Purchasable weapons | Shallow missions

Dead Trigger was a highly anticipated game because of the pedigree of the developer, MadFinger Games, the creators of Shadowgun and Samurai. It’s a first person zombie shooter that utilizes the Unity engine, and looks absolutely gorgeous on that latest iOS devices. The 3D graphics are amazing to see on a mobile device, and it’s the little things with the lighting, water, and steam effects combined with the blood splatter, and zombie ragdoll physics. This is a platform showcasing game in terms of graphics, but the biggest question is how it plays.

It’s a lot like any first person shooter you play as you simply point and shoot the various zombies that fill the screen. The game is set-up with an actual storyline, and various missions with the main story and optional side quests. In the missions you will need to survive for a specific amount of time, kill a certain number of zombies, or reach a particular item or location. The last mission style is the only one where you actually get to move beyond one zone, and actually travel between rooms. The style is also connected to the side missions which you will need to play to earn some money to unlock weapons which will greatly help in the main mission.

The game is only $0.99, and that introduces in-app purchases, and the worst part is that every other weapon requires an in-app purchase to acquire as you don’t earn the currency required. The game is rather disappointing simply because of the expectations as there’s nothing much beyond the graphics engine. The shooter gameplay is limited because there’s no zoom, sprint, or melee option, and weapon upgrades take a little grind to unlock. The zombies only have a few different designs, and all act the same so there’s no special types to deal with. Even the ragdoll physics engine only offers a a few different death animations, and even some of your bullets aren’t registered by the game.

Dead Trigger ($0.99, Universal) is a great graphical showcase, but is a mediocre game. It’s decent, but disappointing, and there’s just so much possible with gameplay once you have the excellent graphics that Madfinger does. Dead Trigger is worth picking up for only $1, but the shooter style is relatively basic, and the semi-freemium structure takes away from the entire game.

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