Dead Venture – Having A Blast Plowing Through Zombies

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Entertaining core mechanic | Great flow of missions | Well put together

Can be a bit mindless | Some missions play out similarly

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It’s tough to look through the current state of pop culture, and not find something related to zombies. There are zombies everywhere in the App Store, but maybe that because it can be fun killing them time and again. Dead Venture is a new zombie killing game that puts you in a car, and lets you steamroll over the undead. The game could be endless, but instead there’s an actual story mode with eight distinct chapters. Each chapter included multiple missions as you need to rescue the living, kill new special zombie types, defend your convoy, find new paths forward, and battle bosses.
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The core idea of Dead Venture is simply fun as you get to run over tons of zombies. There are plenty of car upgrades to give you stronger vehicles that are also outfitted with weaponry to amplify your zombie death machine. There’s a 3D cartoon art style with a fun loving flair applied to the zombie decimation. It all acts as a great back drop as you keep coming back to achieve the new missions. Each time you play, it’s a new day in story mode, and you go until you run out of gas, or your car is destroyed. It’s so much more appealing to have something new to aim for as you restart, rather than starting out in an endless beginning.

The story mode does have a fixed end, so the game does offer a time trail and survival mode to accent the longevity of Dead Venture. no matter how you choose to play, you will no doubt enjoy blasting through the tons of zombies on screen. There are multiple environments to drive around in that introduce nice variations to keep things fresh. It’s great how new zombies are introduced as you upgrade your car, so that the difficulty is constantly balanced. There’s definitely some mindless simplicity to the game, but that is mitigated due to the new missions.

Dead Venture ($1.99, Universal) delivers zombie plowing fun that is well worth picking up.

$1.99, Universal


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