Delta-V Racing – Genre Mash-Up For Chaotic Racing

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3/5

Races can be quite chaotic | Simple set-up to focus on the challenges

Not the most depth | Controls require very deliberate movement


Imagine a combat racer like Death Rally mixed with a 2D side scrolling shooter. If you can imagine that, you have the basis for Delta-V Racing which presents you with snaking courses to race through. You try to finish first by any means necessary whether it’s boosting past your opponents, or taking them down with various weapons. There are 36 events to play through with various challenges including four main head to head boss races. Rather than just a lap based race every time, there are time trials, speed survival challenges, elimination races, and more. To help your battle for first, there are eight power-up types to pick-up, and eight unlockable ships.
At first glance, the game doesn’t look like much, but there’s a surprising amount of depth. That is due to a number of different factors starting off with the ornate track set-ups that offer splitting pathways, sharp maneuvering, and plenty of boosts & power-ups. Another key component is the well designed enemy AI so that each race is extremely competitive, and one wrong move could send you from first to last. The enemies are constantly on your heels ready with their own weapons, and each race is balanced extremely well so that races can be quite chaotic. It’s quite an achievement to outpace every other ship gunning for you, especially while dealing with the challenge that the course lays out.

All of the action is controlled by simply dragging your finger up and down to change the position of your ship. You can also tap to use weapons, but the majority rests on swiping up and down, which doesn’t offer the most precision. The main problem seems to be that you have to be very deliberate with your movements to get the ship moving enough distance to clear obstacles. With that said you can get used to it, and like the entire game, it grows on you. There’s a simple base with a lot of valuable additions to make for some action packed racing with a relatively unique set-up. The challenge is a bit repetitive with the levels blending together, and results playing out similarly with the same strategy over and over. The game isn’t as engaging as it could be, and you can just end up going through the motions, but that’s an outlier case.

Delta-V Racing ($1.99, Universal) delivers some fresh and fast paced racing action that is worth picking up.


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