Devious Dungeon – Action Packed Dungeon Crawling

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Fast paced action | Random layouts | Actual checkpoints | Engaging nature

Killing enemies is relatively pointless | Take damage just by touching enemy


The kingdom is under attack from the bottom as the catacombs are filled with enemies, and it’s up to you to dispose of all the monsters. That’s your plight in Devious Dungeon, the latest from the makers of League of Evil, and Random Heroes with a similar action platformer style. The game is like a fast paced dungeon crawler where there are randomly generated levels each time out. There’s an endless set-up infused into an overarching level structure that offers the random nature combined with actual level checkpoints. There are five different worlds you could be presented with, and your goal is to find the key, and reach the exit point in each level. You can unlock a checkpoint after every three levels, and that’s what takes the game to the next level.
There would be a quality experience with just the random level arrangement for an endless action packed dungeon crawler. Instead you reach level four, die, and then restart your next game at level four with a new random dungeon layout, but at the higher level of difficulty. It’s simply a brilliant layout to keep you coming back as there are tons of checkpoints, multiple boss battles, and a guiding force for long term engagement. It’s worth emphasizing just how nice it is to have both endless random level layouts, and checkpoints as you’re given the best of both worlds. There’s also an RPG style upgrade system, upgradeable items, and missions system to round out the overarching structure.

The gameplay itself is also worth commending, as Devious Dungeon evolves the Random Heroes formula with a much more enjoyable structure. There’s a lot less button tapping with the ability to hold the attack button, and it’s more enjoyable with close sword combat, rather than the passive gun. The action is definitely high, and each level has a concrete goal to find the key, spot the exit, and kill any enemies that you want along the way. It’s simply enjoyable on a micro scale within each level, and engaging on a macro scale to restart after the first boss battle, for instance.

Devious Dungeon ($0.99, Universal) offers enjoyable platforming action with a great structure for a should buy.


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