Dig! – Unearthing A Fresh Take On An Arcade Classic

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Classic gameplay with effortless touch controls | Nice, and challenging enemies | Great power-ups

Similar level set-up throughout | Can be a bit frustrating | Enemies don't stay dead for long


What’s an archeologist to do when he’s working for a failing museum? Dig! It’s the latest game from the makers of Pocket RPG that takes a familiar arcade game mechanic seen in Jezzball and Qix, and provides all new depths to dig through. There’s a lot to unearth in Dig as there’s a level based adventure of digging each section of earth to keep descending for new artifacts. Your goal is to dig up 75% of the land in each level, and you do so by simply swiping your archeologist to keep cutting off chunks of earth. The classic style is effortless for pick up and play, and now it has been translated to touch with all new challenges.
Every level of earth you descend introduces new enemies including mummies, moles, yard gnomes, slime balls, tentacles, and more. Each enemy has it’s own skill set, and they can become quite overwhelming as they increase in numbers as you go. You can dispatch your enemies by cutting the section of ground they’re standing on, but it only keeps them down for a second. Your best advantages are the power-ups, and magical hats allowing you to drop decoys, transport around, or be hidden to a particular type of enemy. All the while, you’re digging deeper to collect artifacts to help the struggling museum. There’s an actual conclusion to the adventure once you open the four wings of the museum, and dig through six levels in four different depths. There’s a great amount to dig through, and there are checkpoints every three levels to help your descent.

The game is definitely high on challenge which can border on frustrating at times due to the speed of your character in comparison to the enemies that seem to be everywhere. The most bothersome aspect is that defeating enemies is temporary, and they seem to pop-up right away after you think you’ve disposed of them for the current level. You will learn that the power-ups, and hats are keys to help you get to 75%, especially when numerous enemies compact on to the smaller regions as you get the last few chunks of dirt. All in all, there’s quite a bit to enjoy, though the challenge may be a turn off to some. The developers have done a great job in taking a familiar style, and enhancing it in every way for similar levels to stay fresh as you keep playing. There’s also a great looking 3D design to really make the archeology trek shine.

Dig ($2.99, Universal) is an action packed dig fest that provides tons of challenge and fun to discover, as you excavate all that’s included to reveal a should buy.


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