Disney American Presidents – 225 Years, 44 Men, 1 App

4.0 Overall Score
Usability: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Friendly educational app | Great videos | Memorable and humorous | High quality design

Could use ore in-depth information | Nothing much to go with the great videos

There have been 223 years of American Presidents, and 44 during that period of time. Disney American Presidents provides a great journey depicting each president from George Washington to Barack Obama, and everyone in between. It’s an educational app that really focuses on getting kids to actually learn about presidents with memorable videos and graphics included. You’re given a digital Oval Office scrapbook that provides a page filled with basic information, interactive pieces, and a three to four minute video on the president’s background and term.

There are over two hours of video included across the 44 presidents, and each one offers humorous, yet historically accurate information. The videos all offer an art style with moving classic images that turn sayings into visuals, and work directly with the narration. The videos are quite memorable, and focus on important factoids, and humorous tidbits to keep the watcher engaged. The information provided is meant for kids from grades three through eight, but anyone can learn something new from these charming videos.

The app revolves around the videos, and the educational aspect is still high thanks to the amount of personality infused so that kids can really relate to the information provided. Rather than the typical historical videos with monotonous tones, and bland fact based overtones, you’re given the antithesis of that with lively narration, and a nice balance of fact with off the wall details. The overall design of the app is top notch, and the only real drawback is a lack of more in-depth information, which would be a great option in addition to the outstanding videos.

Disney American Presidents ($3.99, iPad) connects with the user unlike any other education app. With this app kids will want to learn, and actually remember what’s provided.


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