Disney Checkout Challenge – Ringing Up A Winner

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 0.5/5
Design: 0, 0.5/5
Duration: 0.5/5

Fast paced fun for everyone | Smooth touch controls | Great 3D modeling

The same set-up each time | High scores based on leveling up


Being a checker at a grocery store isn’t the most glamorous, or exciting job. Who would have thought the grocery checkout line would be the basis for a game, but that’s the case in Disney Checkout Challenge. The game provides the familiar conveyor belt of various grocery store items, but is infused with an arcade action twist for checkout like you have never seen it before. Your goal is to scan items as quick as you can to stay on top of the ever increasing load in an endless scanning challenge. If just one product falls off the end of the conveyor belt, it’s game over.
Checkout Challenge features a neat 3D design with finely crafted 3D models of egg cartons, soda cans, gallons of milk, pizza boxes, fruits, and much more. As an item comes down the conveyor belt, you simply tap to bring up the 3D object full screen, and then swipe on the image to rotate it. The aim is to get the barcode facing the screen to then have the scanner read the item, allowing you to move on to the next. As you scan in consecutive items at a quick pace, you can activate frenzy mode to simply tap to scan in items to rack up your score quickly. Your total score is the amount that you scan in, and there are so many different items of varying values. There are also some Disney themed products, and you can unlock new items to scan in as you complete objectives.

The game starts out deceptively simple, but becomes quite complex thanks to the speed, and the product variety. The barcodes are placed in various positions on the different packaging, but you start to remember to help speed up your scanning. There are also fresh product items requiring you to type in a code for select items to add to the challenge. It’s the same set-up every time, but it feels like a fresh challenge thanks to the product variety, and the potential to always do better. The difficulty amps up at a great pace, and the objectives keep you coming back to help unlock new items to potentially amp up your maximum score. The game is very well made for touch, and it’s just simple fun that anyone can enjoy. The simple mechanic fits perfectly with the speed, and chaotic nature that ensues in each game. Aiming for frenzy is a key for survival, as is remembering barcode positioning. The game also takes advantage of the 3D modeling for the barcode positioning, as well as the reaction of the various products as they stack up at the end of the conveyor belt.

Disney Checkout Challenge ($0.99, Universal) is highly entertaining with fast paced fun that fits great on iOS making it one well worth adding to your cart.


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