Dojo Danger – Epic Battle Between Ninjas & Zombies

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Brilliant new concept | Great colliding action & physics | Tons of personality & style | Lengthy

Begging for true online multiplayer | Could use health meters | Some levels are a bit slow

There are ancient enemies, and battles, but none like the age old conflict between ninjas and zombies. Dojo Danger is a new strategy game that pits you in the middle of the battle between ninjas and zombies needing to pick a side. We first saw the game last March, from the makers of Baby Monkey (going backwards on a pig), and now a year later it’s finally available with unique top down action strategy gameplay. Dojo Danger is a genre mash-up with elements of pool, pinball, Battle Bots, and Angry Birds. The game features 100 levels with 50 each in the individual single player campaigns where you get to play as both the ninjas and zombies.

Each level is simply about destroying all of the units of the opposition, and everything is designed towards destruction. Each ninja, and zombie is like a little ball, and you slingshot them around the arena trying to slam into enemies. The pool elements involve colliding the balls together, pinball relates to bouncing into the traps around the levels, and Angry Birds ties to the super simple slingshot control mechanic. The connection to Battle Bots may be the most appropriate because every level is a fight to the death where you really need to use the surroundings to your advantage. There are spikes, launchers, tunnels, fire, pits, ponds, saw blades, spinning axes, and more, and you try to knock your opponents into those traps whenever you can.

As you pass each of the 100 levels, you get to unlock new ninjas and zombies with special abilities to use in your attack. There are 30 unique characters to unlock, and each new one offers a different way to attack the opponent, and get them into the traps. The single player campaign offers hours of entertainment, and there’s also a multiplayer component allowing you to play against friends or random players. The multiplayer is a bit disappointing as you simply play against their collection of characters controlled by the computer. The game is begging for real time online multiplayer allowing you to play head to head with the colliding action, but there’s just local pass and play for now.

The single player campaign is where the focus is in Dojo Danger, and the game does a great job of keeping you playing through all of the included content. It feels so good to clear out an entire enemies collection, and there’s such a great balance of randomness and skill to keep things fresh. There are so many different level layouts, and character combinations, and you never quite know how everything will shake out once a character is put in motion after the initial collision. It’s also great to see the game in action with such ornate graphics, and highlight detailed characters that visibly degrade as they take damage, though it would be nice to see health bars.

Dojo Danger ($0.99, Universal) is a game unlike any other that offers up a whole new way to play that is inviting to anyone with perfect pick up and play style. There’s so much to enjoy making it a should buy for some hectic battles.


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