Don’t Be Squared – Is It Hip To Not Be Square On iOS?

3.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3/5

Easy to pick up and play | Nice flow with path drawing in a platformer

Overly simplistic style | Endless set-up with the same layout each time

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Being square can mean not being hip, so with a new game entitled Don’t Be Squared, you expect it to be relatively hip. Don’t Be Squared is hip in the sense of delivering a style that is currently popular on the App Store. The game is an auto running platformer with an endless set-up spread across multiple regions. You don’t directly control your character, and instead drag your finger to create cloud based pathways for your character to run on. The cloud pathways can bridge gaps, lead upwards, stop lasers, and more to help your character keep auto running.
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Don’t Be Squared is easy to pick up and play as you simply draw the path forward to contend with a variety of obstacles. You can also tap on your character to dash ahead, and drawing a path creates the same sort of dashing behavior. All of the enemies in the game are squared as a mad scientist is turning the world into squares, and there’s also a square transformer beam on your tail to make the endless structure. The game includes four different environments with each one featuring four tiers to make it to, which then unlock an endless score based challenge. It’s not a random set-up within each environment, and instead there’s a specific sequence to face.

There’s quite a bit to like in Don’t Be Squared with the fast paced accessible style that is well designed. The game isn’t without its problems, paramount of which is the endless set-up with a fixed layout. It’s nice to have four environments, but it’s not that appealing to continue to play the same exact sequences. The game becomes a war of attrition to replay, and be prepared for specific obstacles in certain positions. Also, the game has a progress bar in the lower right with fixed checkpoints, but the game doesn’t save your progress at any of those checkpoints. The checkpoints seem like pointless inclusions, and make replaying the opening stretches that much more annoying. There’s also a limited amount of cloud paths you can draw, but it replenishes rapidly, and it never becomes a challenge to contend with. You can draw paths all around, and it further simplifies the experience. The main challenge comes in staying attentive in the bland repetitive structure.

Don’t Be Squared (Free, Universal) is promising at the outset, but that idea quickly fades as you face the same simple set-up over and over again.

Free, Universal


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