Doodle Kingdom – An All New Creation On iOS

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 3/5
Duration: 4/5

Effortless to play | Intriguing reactions | New game modes

Essentially more of the same | No enhancements to the gameplay, or animations


In the realm of knights, magicians, elves, and dragons there’s a whole new world of potential combinations. Doodle Kingdom is a new version of the combination puzzle game that ties into the fantasy world as a unique follow-up to Doodle GodDoodle Devil, and Doodle Farm. The game is all about combining two elements to create something new, so for instance you start with a human, add in some lumber, and you’re given a hut, and two huts make a village. There are brand new combinations possible because of the new theme as dwarves, medieval weapons, and magical powers introduce all new categories of elements.
The Doodle series has proven popular because it’s effortless to pick up and start playing, and yet the style is oddly alluring. Every combination creates a new possible reaction, and it’s so easy to get lost stringing combinations together. There’s also the alluring nature of discovering all that’s included in the game, as well as finding which two elements combine to make specific items. There are 116 elements in total to discover across 13 main categories, and as a special addition to Doodle Kingdom, there are three offshoot quests. Once you discover dragon, castle, and necromancer, each one opens up their own series of combinations as you find different dragon types, unique dark magic items, and the elements of a kingdom.

There’s also a brand new game mode known as “My Hero”, which provides an endless runner of sorts with a combat style set-up. Your hero runs automatically, and faces a series of enemies, including bosses, as a nice change of pace game mode. The developers have done a nice job of expanding on the formula with the new game mode as well as the three additional combination quests. It’s more of the same, but built upon to keep you engaged and intrigued throughout. At times it can feel a bit like mindless trial and error, but it’s still enjoyable to see all the elements come to life. Everything is rendered down into tiny doodle squares of the various items, and it would be nice to see some animations of your creations.

Doodle Kingdom ($1.99, iPhone / $2.99, iPad) doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but does keep you entertained throughout making it worth picking up for all new combinations. Also, you don’t need to be familiar with the series to fully enjoy Doodle Kingdom, and even if you have played other Doodle games, you can still find new enjoyment with this one.


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  1. Pol January 28, 2014 at 5:31 AM -

    Just looking through different sites in search of awesome games and found this one.

    Prehistoric Park is also cool, I advise you to download it.

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