Drop Wizard – Dropping Into New Age Arcade Fun

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Accessible fast paced arcade action | Neat drop system | Level set-up

Levels play a bit similarly | Character can run into damage automatically


Action arcade games sure have found a home on iOS, and Drop Wizard is the latest looking for a home on your iOS device. It’s reminiscent of the classic original Mario Bros., as well as Super Crate Box with a few platforms placed on screen, and consisting of the entirety of a level. There are various enemies included, and Drop Wizard offers up some nuances on the familiar formula. The highlight of Drop Wizard is the “Drop” aspect as your wizard shoots a star each time he drops to a new platform. You need to strategically drop at the right time to attack given enemies, and clear them all to complete a level.
Drop Wizard’s biggest change is a level based set-up with 60 different stages to complete, rather than just endless fare. You get to travel to different environments to face new enemies, and big boss battles. Through it all, you’re always focusing on dropping down at the right time to take out enemies. You can also drop through the bottom of the screen to appear right back at the top, and again try to turn the tides on the enemies. After you take out one enemy, you can kick it forward to then try to take out other enemies in a system that works a bit like a snowball in picking up other enemies, and momentum.

There’s constant action in Drop Wizard to keep you on your toes, and engaged in taking out the enemies. One false move can cost you a life, as stars are your only attack, and you don’t want to get too close to enemies. Since the game relies on quick action, it’s nice to have a simple control scheme of tapping either side of the screen to move in that direction, and your wizard runs automatically. All of the action delivers the classic arcade style with retro pixel art, and 16 bit soundtrack. The main takeaway is that Drop Wizard keeps you engaged to go from level to level, while being constantly intrigued at what comes next. The action never lets up, and there’s great difficulty balance for wide appeal.

Drop Wizard ($1.99, Universal) offers fast paced fun to drop into making it well worth picking up.

$1.99, Universal


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