Dungelot Shattered Lands – Dungeon Crawling For All On iOS

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Inviting dungeon crawler | All new story and structure | Engaging gameplay

Levels can be a bit repetitive | A little bit of a grind from time to time

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There are a lot of ways to crawl through dungeons, and the style of Dungelot has reached it’s third installment. Dungelot Shattered Lands maintains the core concept as you unveil each tile in the dungeon one at a time, and it’s always a surprise what you uncover. Your goal is to find the key in each dungeon, but you will also uncover a variety of enemies, and even some loot. Each tile is a mystery until you tap on it, and if you uncover an enemy, other tiles will be locked until you clear the enemy. The most interesting aspect is the continuous strategy, as you can blast through every enemy, or delicately move around to try to find the key and skip over enemies to save valuable health.
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Dungelot Shattered Lands maintains the great style of the series, but freshens up the overall game with a storyline and worlds to battle in. There are 18 lengthy dungeons to beat as well as three major bosses to deal with. It’s an involved game with a lot to play through, and you will likely end up replaying quite a bit due to the game’s difficulty. There are tons of ways to die with health such a limited resource especially in comparison to the attack power of enemies. To help you, there are special items to uncover as well as magical spells to cast, all of which can be picked up by continuing to uncover tiles. The loot can keep you exploring tiles in a given level before moving on, but that does open you up to more dangers.

The main idea of Dungelot is to make a dungeon crawler accessible with one touch controls with clear objectives and challenges. Shattered Lands fine tunes the formula to make for an even more accessible version that still doesn’t sacrifice the inherent difficulty of the game. Dungelot: Shattered Lands offers an open world set-up with various dungeons open at the same time, but you will need to focus on upgrades to last in tougher dungeons. There’s still an overarching adventure forward to keep you coming back, and enticed to go from dungeon to dungeon, even when you’re failing. The game can be a bit frustrating at times with certain dungeon layouts out of place in difficulty, but that’s part of the randomness. It can also be a bit repetitive at times with a little grind to earn enough to earn upgrades.

Dungelot Shattered Lands ($3.99, Universal) is an entertaining and inviting challenge that is well worth picking up.

$3.99, Universal


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